Thursday, October 3, 2013

Patriotic Poem On Republic Day of India

Here is one of the best Hindi Patriotic Poems On Republic Day of India to pay tribute to your country . This Hindi Patriotic Poems On Republic Day of India is not written by us we only shared it as a gift for our readers on 26th January.
India is a good republic
With billions corrupted
U make any crime
Just b cool while giving bribe
No matter whether it is officers r ministers
money iz important to all our
brother & sisters.
India leads in corruption
And rich make all plunderation
We reach upto great height
Where the innocents have 2 fight
The sensible r made ash
While the devilz play with cash.
Wen there iz end of our lifeline
We say look! Here comez a blueline
People drink & drive
And end up in a crime
Thats y India is a republic
With a billion corrupted public.
You know any other Patriotic Poems On Republic Day of India do share with others in comments section

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