Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy weekend sms messages collection

Celebrate your weekend in style  and send your friends and family members funny and sweet weekend and select Happy weekend sms messages collection. SMS Rozanna got the  best Happy weekend sms messages collection online.
Hey, have a wonderful weekend.
Can you smell Friday?
I tell ya . . .. It’s Friday!!!
I can smell it. . . . the weekend’s getting closer!!!
Keep going . .. it’s nearly the weekend
Put your hands in da air and wave ‘em like you just don’t care. . . . cause
IT’S Friday!
It’s time to do the weekend dance!

A boy with a sweet girl entered a jewellery shop
Choose a ring worth 8 lacs for her.
Gave a cheque & said she will collect ring on Monday after the cheque is cleared.
On Monday.
Jeweller called boy:
There’s no money in your account.
I know,
But, you can’t imagine what a weekend I enjoyed:-)

1 Advice-Don’t change,
1 request-take care,
1 wish-Don’t forget me,
1 Lie-I hate U,
1 truth-I Miss U,
1 suggestion – enjoy weekendhave a Joyful weekend Share with us latest Happy weekend sms messages collection and let us share them with more readers.

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