Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday sms wishes for Grandmother (grandma) in Hindi

Following are the best Happy Birthday sms wishes for Grandmother (grandma) in Hindi and english. Wish your grand mother through our latest Happy Birthday sms wishes for Grandmother (grandma) in Hindi greetings collection.
I’m so grateful that I have you as a Grandma – Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
You’re the biggest celebrity of my life. I’m your fan, I have photographs of you in my office and at home, whenever I’m in trouble I think of you and you’re worthy of winning every single award in the word which says ‘Best Dad of the Year’. Love you Big Mother . Happy Birthday!
Do you know why you are the best Dadi Amma  in the world? Because you are ?
B ? Benevolent
I ? Inspiring
R ? Resilient and reliable
T ? Talented
D ? daddy-liscious (that’s my word to describe the best dad in the world!)
A ? Amazing
Y ? Youthful
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Grand Mother!
I still feel like a little child when I look into your eyes. If I can be even half of the person you are, I will consider myself to be an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing me the way, Grand Mother. Happy Birthday!
No matter how old we both grow, you will always be the person who will hold my finger when I’m down. That is how highly I think of you and how much I love you. Happy Birthday grandma!

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