Friday, October 11, 2013

An empty street

An empty street. An empty house. A hole inside my heart.
I’m all alone .the roms r geting smaler. . .
i wndr how. I wndr why. I wndr where they r? .
The day.s we had. .
The son we sang togthr. .oh yeh.
And oh my love. . We’ re holding on forevr. . .
reachng for the love that seem.s so far. . .
so i say a littl pryr,and hope my dream.s wil tke me ther.
where the skie.s r see u once again my love..
Overseas from coast to coast. .
to find the place i love tho most.
Where the fieldz r gren.
To se u once again my love

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